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Approach the Sale of Your Carolina Real Estate Like a Business

When it’s time to sell a home – even if you’re moving on to bigger and better things – it can be hard to remind yourself that the sale is a business transaction. By keeping that in mind, it will be easier to detach yourself from the sale and approach it with a clear and […]

Want to Move to a “Green” Location? Consider Charlotte

Investing in energy-efficient products and green building not only protects the environment, but it protects your family as well. Buyers looking for a healthy, “green” location for their families should consider the purchase of Carolina real estate in Charlotte, N.C. Recently, Charlotte was named as one of the top 25 cities with the most energy-efficient […]

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Home Builders Univeristy Offers Flexible Classes

Builders in the Carolina real estate market know that their industry is fluid and constantly changing. What works today may be obsolete in a year or even months. Because of this, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends and developments. That’s why Home Builders University (HBU) is a great resource for […]

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RealtyJoin 2.0, Enhanced Networking Site for Industry Professionals

If you enjoyed connecting with others in the home building and Carolina real estate industries on RealtyJoin, then you’ll love the new and enhanced RealtyJoin version 2.0 that offers even more opportunity network. RealtyJoin is the first social networking site for the entire real estate industry, serving buyers, sellers, architects, contractors, brokers, suppliers, investors, builders, […]