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Bigfoot Exists at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala! The Burger, That Is..

After a day spent fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, mountain biking and rafting at Lake Nantahala, you’ll be ready to eat like Bigfoot! Anticipating hungry diners, the Lakes End Diner has come up with the perfect solution for the ravenous appetite worked up from recreation at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala.

When the day is done, head to the diner and try the Bigfoot Burger. Weighing  in at two-and-a-half pounds, this burger is made of five servings of hamburger pattie and comes with a nine-inch bun. It’s every bit as big as the plate it’s served on, too.

Usually, the Bigfoot Burger is a delicious meal when shared by five people. However, those who  have a ravenous appetite from soaking up the sun can try eating it on their own. For $14.99 you can have a stab at devouring this burger, fries and all its fixins. If conquered in under sixty minutes, the champion eater receives a “Tame the Beast” t-shirt and community-wide honor.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Come back for more attempts to eat the burger if you can’t finish it the first time, and make The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala your vacation destination.

The community’s 13 exclusive North Carolina home sites are better than the burger anyway. Lake- and mountain-view sites in the community are priced from $94,900 and selling quickly.

Those who plan a trip before September 30 will enjoy  a $25 gas gift card, boat tour of the lake and complimentary lunch at the Lakes End Diner.

For more information on The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala’s fun activities to do, visit the community online.

Sites Selling at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala

Everyone needs a home away from home! Consider looking into The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala for a close but relaxing vacation home. This exclusive lake living community has 11 lake- and mountain-view home sites left for sale.

New pricing has been enacted on the home sites, which start from only $94,000.

Schedule a visit to The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala before the summer ends. You’ll visit for a day and want to stay for a lifetime! While there, you’ll be treated to the lakeside lifestyle and enjoy activities like:

  • Lunch at the Lakes End Diner
  • A pontoon boat tour of the clear, blue lake
  • A tour of available lots (you won’t believe the views)
  • A chance to win a weekend at the lake for you and up to 14 friends this fall

You’ll even receive a $25 gas card for your travels.

There is no build-out requirement, which means that owners can take all the time they want to plan their luxurious lakeside homes. For site buyers who want to enjoy vibrant sunsets and days full of fun at the lake as soon as possible, Reflection offers a mountain cabin program with 1,400 square foot homes that feature magnificent view-facing porches.

The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala home sites are not expected to last for long. Come take a tour of the lake and stay a lifetime. For more information, call us at 866-218-8439 or visit us online at

13 Lakeside Home Sites at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala

Sunset Over Lake NantahalaIf you are looking for a new lakeside home or maybe a new summer haven in North Carolina, there is some great news. Thirteen exclusive home sites have just been released to buyers thanks to The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala.

These home sites feature lake and long-range mountain views as well as bank-approved, discounted pricing.

Developer Jon Flaig commented, “We’d like to invite you to join us for a day at the lake. We are so confident that you will find great value and lifestyle at The Village, we bet you will want to build your dream vacation home and stay for a lifetime.”

When buyers schedule a visit* to The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala this summer, they will be treated to a full lifestyle experience including:

  • Lunch at the Lakes End Diner (home of the famous BIGfoot burger);
  • A $25 gas card;
  • A pontoon boat tour of the clear, blue lake;
  • A tour of available lots with unbeatable Lake Nantahala views; and
  • A chance to win a weekend at the lake this fall, in a cabin that sleeps up to 14.

The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala features 13 home sites priced from $94,900 to $129,900. There is no build-out requirement, so buyers can take their time planning their dream vacation home or new home. For buyers wishing to enjoy the lake sooner, the perfect mountain cabin program is available and includes a 1,400 square foot cabin with a view-facing covered porch.

The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala invites buyers to escape to the pristine waters and secluded forests of the western North Carolina mountains. Reflection offers customizable cabins in a private gated community with upscale amenities and gorgeous views of Lake Nantahala. Reflection is a tranquil retreat that’s still easily accessible from Atlanta, Chattanooga, Charlotte and many other metropolitan areas. For more information or to schedule a day-at-the-lake tour, call 866-218-8439 or visit Also, make sure to “like” our Facebook page

Read These Tips Before Buying Carolina Foreclosures

tips for buying foreclosures

tips for buying foreclosures

Regardless of how experienced you are when it comes to buying Carolina real estate, buying your first foreclosure or REO property is a much different process. In a recent post on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog, real estate expert Ilyce Glink examines some of the main differences between buying new homes and foreclosures.

One difference is that you cannot put a financing contingency on a foreclosure. Also, buying a home from a homeowner may allow you to negotiate pricing, especially if the home is in need of repairs. However, when dealing with bank-owned properties, getting the bank to make repairs is highly unlikely.

In “

Buying an REO or Foreclosure: What You Can Expect and What Can Kill the Deal,” Glink says that one of the big differences between buying from a homeowner and purchasing a foreclosure is the attitude of the seller. Negotiating with a current homeowner is usually a more emotionally-involved process. He or she will want to get a certain amount of money to support the family and to pay for a new home. The house may also hold sentimental value. Offering too little could make the seller upset, making it harder to negotiate.

On the other hand, dealing with the bank is much more of a pure business transaction. Glink says even though you’re technically helping them out, don’t expect them to help you out. The bank simply wants to minimize losses and sell the property.

To learn about more differences visit the 

Equifax Personal Finance Blog and read the full article.