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Truths about Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is big business these days, but just as with any “boom” there are some misconceptions out there about what’s really trending. Steve Cook, real estate and government writer, discredits five popular real estate investing myths in his article “ Buying a Home: Facts and Fictions about Investing” on the Equifax Finance Blog. […]

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Carolina One Real Estate is Leading the Commercial Market

Ever been to the beautiful city of Charleston for vacation? With the housing industry on the mend, make your stay permanent!  Charleston is one of the top South Carolina cities for growth in the housing and commercial markets. It is now even easier to own your perfect waterfront home with an abundance of employment opportunities, […]

Green is the New…Pain Killer?!

In today’s society, people throw around the word, “green” more than I can count on my hand. Green can mean many things like building green homes, driving green cars, using green appliances and eating green food. Although many can argue that green is overused, what if green meant more than saving the environment? What if I […]

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Raleigh’s Recent Population Growth and Job Opportunities Rise

Although job opportunities are at an all time low, finding a job might be easier than you think. Relocating for new job opportunities is never easy, but now it may be worth it. Pack your suitcases and move to Raleigh for a new life, address and job. With the city’s recent population growth, Raleigh is […]

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Special Deals for the Ready to Buy in HUD Homes

Those looking for the inside scoop on some lesser known real estate deals should consider HUD homes, where those that are ready to buy can scoop up great deals. HUD homes are often popular for those interested in investing, but they can also be a great path for cash-strapped but savvy homebuyers. The Equifax Finance […]