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Home Styles Change to Meet Buyers’ Needs

When buying a home, pay attention to storage space

When buying a home, pay attention to storage space

If you look at homes built just 10 years ago, you can see huge differences from current home styles. Plans and designs have changed to meet the needs of modern buyers, but what are those needs? Are they met in Carolina new homes you might be considering buying? The Equifax Finance Blog shares some key information about home features that you may find interesting in the new article, “

What Do Buyers Want in a Home?

Armed with data taken from the Census Bureau’s 2011 Characteristics of New Housing report, the new article shares housing trends that can help you recognize some of the best features when

buying a home. For instance, buyers in 2011 were really keen on storage space for their busy lives, from pantries in kitchens to walk-in closets in master bedrooms. However, buyers are turning away from some traditionally thought of luxuries. They cut out big additions like media rooms and full outdoor kitchens. Instead, the money that would be put aside for those types of spaces is being used on premium appliances such as fire pits and high-end grills.

To learn more about real estate trends and

housing market predictions, check in with the Equifax Finance Blog.

Greenville Remains On June’s Improving Markets Index



Good news for South Carolina real estate buyers and residents, Greenville remains this month on the list  of the  nation’s improving markets on the monthly NAHB/First American Improving Markets Index.

Improving economic conditions have resulted in payroll employment being down just 5.2 percent from its highest point set in February 2008. This number is also up 4 percent from its lowest point set in September 2009. Single family home permitting is also up 3.2 percent from its low point set in September 2010.

Greenville’s success has been due to the city’s ability to reinvent itself from a textile center into a growing center for automotives, healthcare and logistics. Greenville is a transportation hub for many trucking firms and distribution centers because of its prime I-85 location between Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Greenville is also home to two highly regarded and still growing major health systems. Plus, the city is home to the North American headquarters for Michelin and BMW as well as the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research.

The Improving Marketing Index is a relatively new index unveiled by the National Association of Home Builders. It serves to draw attention to the fact that housing market are local, and that there are many metro areas where economic recovery is underway. The index measures monthly data on employment, single family housing permit growth and housing prices to determine whether or not a market is improving.

Florence, SC also made the June list, while the following North Carolina cities are on the list: Jacksonville, Burlington, Goldsboro, Greenville and Hickory.

Raleigh Makes 15 Hottest American Cities of the Future


Which cities are being influenced by the next generation of hipsters, tech-savvy pros, artists or environmentalists? According to Business Insider, Raleigh is sixth on its 15 hottest American cities list of the future.

Job growth, population growth, demographics, affordability, livability and health of residents are all factors on this list. Also, how the city is innovating in terms of technology, sustainability and culture are considered in defining how a “cool” city attracts the young, creative types.

Raleigh attracts thousands of college students, families and immigrants with its many job prospects, safe communities, affordable housing and short commutes. As a result, Raleigh was ranked the number one city for business and careers by Forbes, with the fastest growing market in the U.S.

settling into Raleigh is easier than ever with a young, vibrant population and endless opportunities for employment. With major employers like Duke University, the University of North Carolina, IBM, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, Nortel, Verizon and Lenovo. Raleigh is the new high-tech and biotech hub with over 75,000 new jobs. Between the steady job growth and culture scene and the diverse population, Raleigh is the next future hot spot!

Cities such as Brooklyn, Seattle, Portland and Detroit are on the list of 15 hottest cities.

For a complete list of 15 hottest cities, visit Yahoo Finance. For more information on Carolina real estate, explore our site.