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Things to Remember when buying a Carolina home in the Offseason

Now that summer has passed and we’re in full swing for fall with the holidays fast approaching, we have passed what is traditionally known as the “homebuying season” – where most buyers are on the hunt, generally in summer, when it’s nicest outside and a move can be done without interrupting the school year. Still, […]

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Home Styles Change to Meet Buyers’ Needs

If you look at homes built just 10 years ago, you can see huge differences from current home styles. Plans and designs have changed to meet the needs of modern buyers, but what are those needs? Are they met in Carolina new homes you might be considering buying? The Equifax Finance Blog shares some key […]

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Truths about Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is big business these days, but just as with any “boom” there are some misconceptions out there about what’s really trending. Steve Cook, real estate and government writer, discredits five popular real estate investing myths in his article “ Buying a Home: Facts and Fictions about Investing” on the Equifax Finance Blog. […]