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Learn to Dispute Charges on Your Credit Report for After Shopping Season

After all is said and done with holiday shopping, even if you were very careful with credit card usage, staying close to budget and being a responsible borrower, there is still a chance for errors to end up on your credit report. Some of this may be errors, or it could be fraud, and it […]

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Do I Need Identity Theft Insurance?

You’ve probably seen advertisements for identity theft insurance. Have you wondered what it really is and if it’s something you need? The insurance pros over at the Equifax Finance blog recently covered the topic of identity theft insurance in the article, “ Do I need Identity Theft Insurance?” Here’s the rundown: Identity theft insurance is […]

A First Time Guide to Your Credit Report

If you are new to borrowing or are trying to repair your credit, it is important to know your way around your annual credit report. Diane Moogalian has some great information about how to decipher your credit report in her Equifax Finance Blog article, “ Building a Strong Credit Report from the Beginning.” Regardless of […]

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Use Fraud Alerts to Protect Yourself from Holiday Credit Heartburn

After all that holiday spending, have you been diligent about following up and checking your credit cards to make sure you didn’t get any unwanted holiday cheer for fraudsters and identity thieves? There are ways to protect your credit score from holiday heartburn that you can use to help yourself stay safe. The Equifax Finance […]