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When Can You Buy a Home After a Foreclosure

Many Americans were forced into a foreclosure or short sale over the past few years due to job loss, decreased incomes and declining home values. The market is recovering now and homeowners who did fall victim to foreclosure or short sale may now be wondering when they will be able to purchase a home. The […]

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How Long Does a Late Payment Stay on Your Credit?

Ever made a late payment on a bill? Maybe forgot about your credit card bill? Or have you ever been a few weeks late on your car note when money got tight? Are you looking now at a big purchase that’s going to require credit and you’re wondering how that late payment is going to […]

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Make a List and Check it Twice to get Ahead of Taxes

With less than a month before Tax Day, it’s harder to get ahead but not yet impossible and there are a whole host of reasons to not wait for an extension. If you have procrastinated up to this point but want to get your taxes done and your refund in hand sooner, the experts at […]

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Use Fraud Alerts to Protect Yourself from Holiday Credit Heartburn

After all that holiday spending, have you been diligent about following up and checking your credit cards to make sure you didn’t get any unwanted holiday cheer for fraudsters and identity thieves? There are ways to protect your credit score from holiday heartburn that you can use to help yourself stay safe. The Equifax Finance […]