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Do I Need Identity Theft Insurance?

You’ve probably seen advertisements for identity theft insurance. Have you wondered what it really is and if it’s something you need? The insurance pros over at the Equifax Finance blog recently covered the topic of identity theft insurance in the article, “ Do I need Identity Theft Insurance?” Here’s the rundown: Identity theft insurance is […]

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How Long Does a Late Payment Stay on Your Credit?

Ever made a late payment on a bill? Maybe forgot about your credit card bill? Or have you ever been a few weeks late on your car note when money got tight? Are you looking now at a big purchase that’s going to require credit and you’re wondering how that late payment is going to […]

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Equifax is Looking to keep your Privacy Private

The Personal Solutions line of consumer protection products and services from Equifax has a powerful new tool to help keep you safe: privacy monitoring. This service scours the indexed web and finds traces of your personal information, and can either simply alert you or can remove these traces that can lead to solicitations and online […]

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Online Shopping Sales Tax and ID Theft Protection

Two things that probably do not enter your mind when shopping online are sales tax and ID theft protection. However, the experts at the Equifax Finance Blog think they should spring to mind with every item your ‘click’ into your virtual shopping cart. Currently, thousands of Americans have being clicking their paychecks away for this […]