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Make Way for Multi-Family Homes

City buildingsAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, who recently released data concerning construction permits issued by localities in 2011, Raleigh, N.C. was the third top city with the most construction activity with 13.66 construction permits per 1000 housing units.

Why is multi-family building becoming more and more popular? According to the Trulia Rent Monitor, rents rose 5.6 percent nationally in 2011. Construction of multifamily buildings has increased because people could not necessarily afford to purchase or own a home during the recession. Therefore, more and more families are transforming their homes to become more multigenerational friendly.

While Texas and the Carolinas hold the position for the highest rate of construction in metro areas, New England, the Great Lakes, South Florida and Coastal California hold the lowest rate.

There are many factors that explain the sporadic growth in housing developments. One factor is whether there is long term employment growth in the area. Another factor is that many of the metros have had above-average job growth within the past ten years, and that there weren’t any huge home price declines during the crash.

For the U.S., one-third of construction permits in 2011 were for multi-family units, making builder trends change to meet the demand of multifamily construction.

Why does the builder market look more and more like a seesaw, up and down? First, construction activity is bet on future growth. It is a risky guess for builders to decide where to develop in areas where they are expecting a demand for housing. Also, housing units last for a long time, so they inevitably shape the metro areas they are in.

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Carol Flammer is Guest Speaker at TSMC Event

The Triangle Sales and Marketing Council general membership event taking place on September 17th has announced Carol Flammer as the guest speaker. Carol Flammer is an expert in social media, and all of those in attendance will have the privilege of gaining beneficial information on how to get an edge on the competition in the housing industry. That is what social media is all about – giving yourself an advantage in the industry. Carol will give a brief overview of social media and the impact it has had on the Raleigh real estate market, then give examples of how it can give you an advantage over your competition and answer any questions you may have. This is a prime opportunity to learn to newest trends from an industry expert. Continue reading

Bob Woodward Named VP of Raleigh Division

Bob Woodward has recently been named Division Vice President of McCar Homes’ Raleigh Division.  Currently Bob is the Division VP of McCar Homes’ Greensboro/Winston-Salem.  Bob will now oversee both the Raleigh real estate and Greensboro real estate divisions.  His new position will have him oversee the management of the division including the construction, sales, land acquisition and development and all administrative departments. Woodward has been a loyal employee to McCar homes since 2002.  Woodward, prior to joining McCar homes, worked with Craft Homes and Pulte Homes in the Charlotte area.  He is also a member of the National Association of Home Builders and is active in the local Greensboro and Winston Salem HBA chapters.  McCar Homes and the people of the Greensboro and Raleigh division are confident that Bob Woodward will lead them to more success and prosperity in the future.

Raleigh is a Great Place to Live, Work and Play

107350284.jpgKiplinger’s Personal Finance recently released the top 10 cities to live, work and play in, and Raleigh, NC was ranked #2! Apparently, Raleigh is on the verge of a Renaissance-type breakthrough and has an extremely bright future. Just since 2000, the city has had a population growth of 19.9%, and is continuing this rapid growth rate. Many companies are choosing to relocate to Raleigh, making the city a great place to find a job. While the city is still growing, 2008 is expected to be a big milestone in the city’s history. As the new convention center and Mariott hotel are opening this year, new trade shows and other business-related events will be able to choose Raleigh as the host city. With such a bright business future, it is only natural that Raleigh is also a great place to live. The more businesses, the better the local economy. So, if you are Continue reading